Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the calendar. If you are looking for information on how to be added as a small business please go HERE. For the background on this page, the process of getting this started and why we are so impatient to get this launched, you are in luck!

The idea for a shareable – digital – geared to all small business & general public – free to use – fast & easy to use Calendar started a few months ago. It was right before the kick off of the 2nd Friday on Main had launched. During our first official 2nd Friday on Main event, several businesses provided valuable feedback and some wonderful ideas for having Castleton working together. Putting the best foot forward – this calendar came together – with the backing of 52 Hilton on Main and viola! A public, easy to use – ANY business can add an event, add it to your phone or print it out – free Calendar for all of us!

We like to keep the vibe of a small village and we do understand, just considering it’s 2019 perhaps going to a digital platform is a good idea… besides I can’t seem to find any good messenger pigeons these days. They just haven’t been the same after this past winter.

Quick Answer to your inner thought:

Yes this site will change over time, and it’s not a bad idea either. Your feedback is welcomed – actually, I would love some honest feedback! What do you like about this idea, site and calendar – What do you want changed? Unless you let us know – it will never happen! What do you absolutely hate about it? Yes, I asked what you hate about it! Is it not loading right or maybe you just don’t like the look of it? I will read all of your feedback (well, only about this website and the calendar itself – I’m sorry, but I am not a licensed therapist).

The overall goal of this entire page and idea is to help make things easier for all of us.

To have all public events in one easy to use platform that every local business who is hosting any publicly open event will have access to posting directly to – for free courtesy of 52 Hilton on Main. If you are a local business please Click Here to fill out the short form to get in-touch with the website guy to have your email added to the list.